Easy Methods to Shave Your Beard and Goatee

Published: 18th June 2010
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There are two accepted ways to trimming a beard. The traditional method is using scissors while the preferred modern way is to utilize a beard trimmer. Both techniques will get the job done, but having a trimmer can help you gain more precision and style consistently.

Although it is a straightforward thing, you will still need to prepare your beard prior to cutting it. First, ensure that your beard is dirt free. You need to wash and shampoo it. Always dry the beard before trimming since it is much easier to work with hair in its natural, dry out state. When using scissors, you will also need to straighten out your beard before trimming it. Use the comb as a guide to where to prune with the scissors. Comb along the jawline and trim all hair that pushes out of the comb. After completing one side of the face, switch and concentrate on the other side using the identical method before moving on to the chin.

If you need an elaborately styled beard, you will need a beard trimmer instead of scissors. Beard trimmers usually do not involve as much dexterity as scissors as trimmers are intended to thin, shape and cut beard hair length. There are many different types of beard trimmer available in the market today enabling you to seek out one suitable for your needs.

Most beard trimmers include variable length selectors that make it easy to prune your hair down to numerous lengths for various occasions. Before using it always make sure the correct attachment is selected. Once the trimmer is set up, you'll want to start trimming by following your jawline. Trim each side of the face prior to moving to the hair under the chin.

Ensure you do not prune too much off the very first time you use a trimmer as you are not able to replace the hair. A great routine to get into is using a fine-toothed comb as this can ensure your beard remains tangle free and make the trim much smoother. A beard trimmer also makes it easier to change or augment the style of your beard on a daily basis. You also can use the trimmer without attachments to cut the hair on the back of your neck to define your neck line.

It is quite hard to accomplish absolute symmetry until you have experience using a trimmer. Always take your time as rushing to clip your beard normally results in an uneven finish with no distinct definition. If you force it, you risk taking off too much hair and leaving your beard looking scruffy and inconsistent. With repetition comes perfection and a well maintained and amazing looking beard.

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